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Dugast tubs

A Dugast logoA Dugast handmade cyclo-cross tubular tyres (tubs) with with neoprene coated sidewalls:

Typhoon Cotton

Dugast Typhoon Tubular

Dugast Typhoon Tubular

All-purpose competition tyre. Thanks to the integrated radius control on the side of the tyre, the tube carves through unpaved bends. The specially designed tread provides excellent grip under all circumstances, and is only available from Dugast.

£65Widths: 30, 32, 33mmPressure: 1.8 to 3.5 bar

Weight: (32mm): 380g

Rhino Cotton

Dugast Rhino Cotton

Dugast Rhino Cotton

Competition tube for mud courses. Tread with extreme high studs for excellent grip. Because of the design of the tread the mud doesn’t stick at it. In spite of the open structure of the tread, the tyre has a low rolling resistance.


Widths: 30, 32, 33mm

Pressure: 1.8 to 3.5 bar

Weight (32mm): 395g

Ernst Cotton

Dugast Ernst Cotton tubular tyre

Dugast Ernst Cotton

Tubeless MTB tyre. The Ernst tyre has been developed in co-operation with Nino Schurter. The tread has been designed for a muddy course with studs and rubber compound ensure for good grip. The open structure of the tread ensures that mud can get away.

£60Widths: 48, 50, 52mm

Wheel size: 26″, 29″, 650B

Pressure: 1,4 to 1,8 bar

Weight (29″ 50mm): 610g

Pipistrello Cotton

Dugast Pipistrello Cotton

Dugast Pipistrello Cotton

A tyre for an extremely fast track. Because of the open diamonds in the middle, you always keep a good grip on sandy subsoil as well as on a subsoil of grass. Because of the two lines at the side (radius control), you ride easily though the sand.

Price on applicationWidths: 32mm

Pressure: 1,8 to 3,5 bar

Weight: 357g

Pipisquallo Cotton

Dugast Pipisquallo Cotton

Dugast Pipisquallo Cotton

The Dugast Pipisquallo is the perfect tyre for real fast tracks with a lot of twists and turns ensuring excellent grip on grass with its smaller side knobs, and the diamonds in the middle of the tyre provide a very low rolling resistance.

£67Width: 32mm

Pressure: 1,4 – 3,5 bar

Weight (32mm): 360g


Small Bird

Dugast Small Bird

Dugast Small Bird

A tyre that can be used on a course where the layer on top of the course is slippery. The duo compound gives the tyre its excellent capacities. The outer studs are twice as high as the studs in the middle. This and the extremely soft rubber mix of the outer studs give an extreme grip in the turns. Because of the lower studs in the middle the rolling resistance is very limited. This tyre is the perfect mix between a rhino and a typhoon.


Widths: 30, 32, 33mm

Pressure: 1,4 – 3,5 bar

Weight (32mm): 367g

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